Google Celebrates Pi Day With A Doodle; 10 Interesting Facts About The Mathematical Constant

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New Delhi:  Google is celebrating 30th anniversary of Pi Day today with a doodle which honors Pi with a pie. The doodle has been baked and built by award-winning pastry chef and creator of the Cronut, Dominique Ansel. The doodle pays homage to the mathematical constant by representing the pi formula using Dominique Ansel's personal Salted Caramel Apple Pie recipe. Pi is not an unknown figure for students around the world. The mathematical constant represents the ratio of the circumference of any circle to its diameter. 

The approximate value, generally used in calculations, of Pi is 3.14. Another value of Pi used by students is 22/7. 

With board exams going on, here are some interesting facts about Pi for students to cheer them up: Pi day was first recognized 30 years ago in 1988 by Physicist Larry Shaw. For those who follow mm/dd format for date, March 14 represents the approximate value of Pi.  In 2015, after 100 years the date matched the first five digits of Pi that is 3/14/15.  Pi is an irrational number, that is, when calculated it can go on forever.  Computing Pi is considered to be a stress test for computers almost like a 'digital cardiogram'.  The first million decimal places of pi consist of 99,959 zeros, 99,758 1s, 100,026 2s, 100,229 3s, 100,230 4s, 100,359 5s, 99,548 6s, 99,800 7s, 99,985 8s, and 100,106 9s. Leonardo Da Vinci and artist Albrecht Durer have also briefly worked on finding the approximate value of Pi. Isaac Newton who is also the father of Calculus, calculated the value of Pi to at least 16 decimal places.  The official celebration for Pi day begin at 1:59 pm, to make an appropriate 3.14159 when combined with the date. Albert Einstien was born on Pi Day in 1879.  John Donne in his poem "Upon the Translations of the Psalms by Sir Philip Sidney, and the Countess of Pembroke, His Sister" condemned the attempts to find an exact value of pi which he viewed as an attempt to rationalize God. 
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